Loss of a leader

As a Central Christian School alum, I mourn Jeanne Zimmerly ­Jantzi’s resignation as superintendent (May 28). She is an excellent leader. The rest of us must engage in intense introspection. Anabaptists stand proudly against physical violence and militarism; unfortunately, our commitment to pacifism and reconciliation is often forgotten as it relates to emotions and relationships. Zimmerly Jantzi’s resignation is the fruit of such emotional violence. Standing together as a faith community means learning to disagree in love. I hope the community I grew up in can take this tragic event as a reason to embrace love and restoration.

Matt Lehman Wiens, McPherson, Kan.

Not only for the dark-skinned and culturally different friends at Central Christian School, but for all of us, we must embody the welcoming, accepting, loving example of Jesus. We do this for the sake of our children who learn from us how to grow and change, accept and give love to all people. This has been role-modeled by grandparents, parents, teachers and leaders at Central over many generations. How sad that racial reconciliation might now be categorized by some parents and donors as a politically motivated social agenda.

Kandace Helmuth, Akron, Pa.

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