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March 2019 Call for Submissions: Lent

The Mennonite, Inc., invites your original submissions for our March 2019 print magazine issue and corresponding online content focusing on Lent: Repentance and Transcendence.

Description of the theme:

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (March 6 this year) and leads up to Good Friday (April 19) and Easter (April 21). In the Christian tradition, this is a period of reflection on Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, leading to his death on the cross and resurrection. During Lent, Christians often focus on Jesus’ words, “Repent, and believe in the good news” (Mark 1:15b). Repentance is defined as a turning away from one direction or way and moving in a different direction toward life and wholeness. People have various practices they observe during Lent, most notably choosing to give up something during Lent, while others may choose to add something to their spiritual practice. Lent can be a time of self-evaluation, renewal and recommitment to following Jesus. Also during Lent and Holy Week, there is an invitation to reflect on God’s transcendence, the breaking of barriers to draw people to a close, personal and communal relationship with the Divine.

Submissions may consider one of the following prompts/questions, among others:

  • How and where have you experienced repentance? Tell us your story.
  • How have you experienced transcendence? Tell us your story.
  • What practices during Lent have helped you experience God in a deeper way?
  • What scriptures speak to you about repentance? About transcendence? What does that mean to you and your community today?
  • How have you practiced repentance with others?
  • How does your congregation or faith community observe Lent?
  • How has your congregation or faith community focused on God’s transcendence?

Submissions are due to no later than Feb. 1.

We welcome articles—personal stories, biblical or theological reflections, stories about your congregation, and more (800-1,200 words)—as well as original photography, videos and artwork on the theme. Please note we are committed to anti-oppression reviews as part of our editorial process. When developing your submission, please review our updated anti-oppression guidelines as well as our editorial guidelines.

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