Marks of mythmaking

I suggest being careful in framing the Haiti hostage story as one of God’s miraculous deliverance (“Amazement at the gate,” Editorial, Jan. 21). There is a good possibility more information will come out about this alleged escape, and it might be wise to wait before taking Christian Aid Ministries’ claims at face value. This story bears the hallmarks of mythmaking.

Anabaptist World has pretty much repeated verbatim what the CAM spokesman said: It was God’s doing to allow the hostages to leave unscathed. But there are unanswered questions: Did the captors, having received ransom money, simply withdraw and allow them to leave? If God miraculously engineered their escape, did God also engineer their captivity? Is this the same God who is not engineering the escape of hundreds of other captives in Haiti? Does God love (conservative) Mennonites more than other people? Why didn’t God save Michael J. Sharp (“The potent life of a bold peacemaker,” Jan. 21)? Does the emphasis on a miracle obscure questions about ransoms and other matters?
These kinds of miracles, which certain American Christians claim, almost always happen in other countries that are considered in need of paternalistic help. God, somehow, doesn’t work these miracles in North America but only where such claims do not face scrutiny. Why is that?

Mary Hershberger, Brentwood, Md.

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