MCC is guilty of nothing

I find the preoccupation with past sins sad and disgusting (“MCC repents of Nazi ‘entanglements’,” page 23). I am a descendant of Molotschna Mennonites. My grandfather was a preacher of the gospel in Stalinist Russia. He was beaten to death under interrogation in a communist prison cell. His family was transported to Siberia. If they had been inside the German-occu­pied territory where Mennonites were given the opportunity to escape the Soviet Union, under the protection of the German army, would they have taken that opportunity? Of course. And would they now be painted as Nazi sympathizers, or worse? I fear they would be, and it sickens me.

MCC is guilty of nothing but helping thousands to escape to the west. Yes, some among the refugees were aware of and even aided the darker objectives of the Nazis. But ferreting out these long-dead individuals from historical records is not a benign exercise. It will demonize an entire generation. This story has resulted in much praise to God. All that praise will be swept away in a maelstrom of vindictive, hypocritical, self-serving mudslinging.

Ed Wiens, Burnaby, B.C.

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