Misrepresenting the gospel

I concur with Ken Kauffman’s response (April) to Jonny Rashid’s column (March) regarding Christian nationalism. Many messages today misrepresent the gospel of Jesus Christ. One that has crept into Mennonite Church USA is the “gospel of inclusion,” and it has divided us at both the national and local levels. What will Jesus say to those who have applauded or looked the other way as sexual immorality is redefined on our watch? How can one generation change the definition of marriage that has stood for thousands of years? My congregation simply “shared our perspectives,” then voted to adopt a declaration of “full inclusion.” We did not discern what Jesus meant when he said the sexually immoral, along with others, are excluded (Revelation 21:6-8 and 22:14-15). After 75 years, I could no longer be part my church. God’s church must speak truth, found in his Word, on all matters, whether political or sexual. 

Loren Miller, Aurora, Ore.

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