More ethics, less theology

While I agree with Amy-Jill Levine’s call for a more contextual reading of the New Testament (“AMBS symposium unites Jews and Mennonites to counter antisemitism,” June 16), she goes too far in essentially asking Mennonites to stick to a “high Christology.” Since the very beginning, views about Jesus’ relationship to God have varied tremendously: There have been ­unitarians (remember the Polish Anabaptists!), adoptionists, subordinationists and classic trinitarians. We need more focus on the ethical teachings of Jesus and less theological speculation on how he is related to God. The ethical mess that has marred so much Christian history can be attributed at least in part to the demand that Christians stick to a high Christology. Indeed, denying the Trinity was even more dangerous than simply being an Anabaptist.

Mitchell Brown, Evanston, Ill.

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