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I was delighted to see Dorothy Nickel Friesen’s excellent review of James M. Lapp’s Remember Who You Are (Aug. 6). For readers who want to know about other members of this family, all of whom have contributed much to our church and world, there are additional memoirs. Mary Lapp Swartley’s My Treasured Hopes: My Four Score Years+ is a moving account of her life; its difficulties as the daughter of a bishop; her support of her husband, Willard; and her achievements.

Memoirs of James’ brothers John and Joseph can be found in two volumes of the Anabaptist Center for Religion and Society, available on John’s “Remember Who You Are: Four Trajectories of My Life” is in Continuing the Journey: The Geography of Our Faith, Mennonite Stories Integrating Faith and Life and the World of Thought. Joseph’s “Joining the Family Business: By Birthright, by Choice and by Divine Call” is in Making a Difference in the Journey: The Geography of Our Faith, Brethren and Mennonite Stories Integrating Faith, Life and the World of Thought.

Nancy V. Lee, Madison, Wis.

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