This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

New law is better

In “Mountains Below the Surface,” Brad Roth says we “cannot dismiss the requirements of the Old Testament law.” Of course the old law is not abolished, but it is obsolete, and these two statements do not conflict with each other. Jesus Christ’s new-law way is unconditionally better than the old. To paraphrase the Book of Hebrews, why do we need the new law if the old law is OK? Jesus modified and added to the Ten Commandments. Jesus talks to the faithful personally and directly (see John 14), which did not happen in the Old Testament. The prophecies of Isaiah 730 years before the arrival of Christ on Earth gave the faithful an upbeat feeling, as their record of following God’s commands was not good. God showed unceasing care by coming up with a better way to reach humans. Would you rather live under the Old Testament or the New Testament?
John Anderson
Kouts, Ind.

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