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Of good report

This conservative Anabaptist can identify with some of Asher Witmer’s points in “I’m Frustrated with My Tradition.” But I also see the other side of the coin. All traditions have their points of frustration. Dwelling on these generally does little to make a difference. Scripture tells us to think on things that are “of good report.”

I get many news­letters from conservative Anabaptist outreach missions proclaiming the good news in many parts of the world. These newsletters contain testimonies of people who have come to new life in Christ. Testimonies of healing the brokenhearted, captives to sin set free, setting at liberty those oppressed with hunger. These conservative Anabaptist believers are reaching to the lost and hurting with the good news even if they wear a different style of clothes.

I know wealthy conservative Anabaptists who give liberally to support these missions. No one with a seven-room, three-bath house comes to my mind. It is a blessing to personally hear of God’s leading and protection of conservative Anabaptist believers serving in mission on dangerous foreign soil. It is a blessing to have coffee or tea with people who have come to Christ because of conservative Anabaptist faithful witness of the gospel.

Simon Schrock
Catlett, Va.

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