This article was originally published by The Mennonite

Overheard in the Delegate Assembly

“This assembly is free to adopt the rules it wants as long as the rules conform to the rules that are in place.”—Jim Beitler, parliamentarian

“By not allowing you to have a voice, we’re giving you a voice.”—Delegate Ron Copeland’s “Orwellian” view of what the Executive Board was saying with the Pittsburgh Experiment

“Choosing to worship with Mennonites … requires that I make sacrifices in my preferences for style of worship and music, and I have done so every Sunday for the last five year.”—Unnamed delegate in a note to the Listening Committee

“Jesus said, ‘I can’t bless mess. I can bless when you are organized.'”—Speaker Leslie Francisco III

“We need a Best Buy website for pastors and leaders. Oops, I meant a best practices website.”—Unnamed delegate

“The forthrightness with which you speak to each other so the church can move ahead, this teaches us.”—Pastor Damien Pelende of the Mennonite Brethren Church in Congo
“My law firm may not recognize me next week when I go back to work. I hope there’s an office for me.”—Moderator Ed Diller

“Willis Suter is in our table group, and he’s built more bridges than anyone else here. He’s a dentist.”—Delegate Brent Kauffman

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