Passive or prophetic?

Thank you for calling white evangelicalism to accountability for making the Trump presidency and its continuing influence possible (Editorial, Jan. 22). I have cringed at seeing a significant segment of evangelical Christians supporting an administration wrapped in untruth and violent rhetoric and action. That does not represent being a follower of Jesus for me or, I believe, for the Mennonite church. And yet, in this part of the Christian community that is my identity, for the sake of unity we shy away from confrontation. From the church leadership perspective, is our role solely to be pastoral, void of the prophetic role? 

I come from the experience of the Black church in the South having no hesitation to call unjust political action wrong and to work for change. I recall the era when Mennonites were strong in our advocacy for conscientious objection and speaking against war to the political powers. Have we not endured an administration that has been so corrupt that, like civil rights and conscription, we have a moral responsibility to include the prophetic role with the pastoral role? Should not our peace witness be included in this prophetic role? How do we confront our brothers and sisters in the part of the white evangelical community that supports and promotes a government that peddles untruth and insurrection? How do we address our own passiveness in challenging the Trumpian approach in order to keep the peace? 

Harold Regier, North Newton, Kan.

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