Peace revival

I was encouraged to read that Mennonite Church USA wants to revive a peace witness in the form of Mennonites Against Militarism (“Campaign Will Seek to Revive Peace Witness”). Let’s go for it!

I’ve wondered what has happened to that critical aspect of Anabaptist theology, including supporting a peace tax. Over half of our taxes still support our massive military complex.

Besides the many legal moves to restrict abortion in our country, in July the Supreme Court moved to further enlarge the list of employers who have religious and moral convictions even against providing birth-control coverage for their employees.

If religious convictions are permitted to protect unborn life — and even the possibility of conception — why should Mennonites and other peace churches not be able to direct their share of military taxes into a peace-tax fund for life-giving purposes? Those who have a conscience against paying for a system that kills already-born people should have the same rights as those who morally object to limiting conception.

Reta Halteman Finger
Harrisonburg, Va.

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