Poetry: An almost perfect blessing

— Riho Kitagawa on Unpslash

For every clouded sunrise
Each hang-nailed rainbow
The smeared-ink greeting or mangled embrace

For the rimmed-out putts
The off-centered bullseyes
Like near-ripened avocados
That are a bit harder to swallow

The sleeted Christmas
The bittersweet chocolate
That divine flaw

Each time you color outside the lines
Or drive through yellow lights bound within them
May your fog-veiled views
Like stained glass
Guide you to stories
Crafted and blurry

And may the off-key harmonies with sharp-stringed instruments
Lead you to sing along in unison
And dance flat-footed
Stumbling as you go

For it is on uneven floors that we learn to balance
And hold ourselves upright

So may you seek the lessons
You all but understand

And may you rejoice
That beauty can come
In the ideal blemishes
That leave us wanting for more

J.E. Misz

J.E. Misz is a clinical social worker and poet based in Goshen, Indiana. He is on the board of the Read More

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