Poetry: Dare You

Ilya Repin, Temptation of Christ, ca. 1895. Oil on canvas, 47×60 cm. —Wikimedia Commons
Hey JC
you can the man of the hour
you can be the god with the power
hey JC
we just need a little
razzle, dazzle here
a spectacle
take a jump
and show them 
you can fly
surely you’re not afraid
of the plans that have been laid
hey Jesus, Son of the Most High
precious boy of Mary
the people need to be entertained
they want to see the show
are you too afraid, JC?
not quite sure, you can do it
take the leap
don’t disappoint
if they see you save yourself
they’ll know you can save them
put on a show, JC
take the stage
get into the lights
show them what you got
go for the gusto, Jesus Christ.

Lonnie Buerge

Lonnie Buerge attends Rainbow Mennonite Church in Kansas City, KS along with his wife, Jan Hartzler Buerge. He has spent Read More

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