Political religiosity

Doug Mastriano’s campaign to become Pennsylvania’s governor has concerned me ever since I first read about him and saw his right-wing, Christian-nationalist ads. When I read in AW about his connection to Mennonites (June 17), my concern intensified. I was glad to see the article by Tim Huber because we need to seriously consider the repercussions of political wannabes like Mastriano and their appeal to Mennonites and Amish. I am especially concerned about Mastriano and other office seekers who boldly use ­“Christian” phrases to bolster their appeal and un­abashedly show how friendly they are with Christian nationalists — or identify as Christian nationalists outright. It saddens me greatly that Mennonites might vote for Mastriano. He does not care about separation of church and state — a precious core value for Anabaptists. The way he wraps his political agenda in religious language tells me he hopes to govern Pennsylvania as a church-state. He would wrap secular government in layers of his own religiosity. 

Twila Miller, Lititz, Pa.

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