This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

So much in common

I am a “pro-all-life” follower of Jesus who marched (“Sensing a Historic Moment, Women Join National March,” Jan. 30). The recent comments against people who protested the president saddened me, especially the name-calling and insinuations. They come from people who have so many values in common with me. People I will likely meet in the eternal realm. People who are doing kingdom work now. My own feelings and opinions about what I have seen our president say or do are directed at him, not at those who support him. We are all so much more than the labels we throw at each other. Right now there’s more than enough hurt feelings on all sides. I wish we could meet face-to-face and share our stories, which have brought us to different places in the political arena. Let’s find what we together can support and share with the rest of the world in Jesus’ name, as a people committed to peace.

Cathy Coon Bitikofer
Saint George, Kan.

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