This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Speaking for Gaza

Two of three recent articles on Israel lack Gaza’s viewpoint. I must speak for them. Thousands are permanently disabled by Israeli shells. Palestinians lack Israel’s press clout. Remember: Old Testament prophecies were about Ezra and Nehemiah, not modern Israel. The tragedy of this summer’s war is human: The U.N. reports 2,104 killed, including 1,462 civilians (including 495 children and 253 women), totaling 69.5 percent civilians. Even the Israeli Defense Force identifies only 619 of the dead as “terrorists.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu propagandizes 1,000 terrorists and claims Hamas is as barbaric as Islamic State — an immoral attempt to justify Israel’s Gaza slaughter. Most articles condemn the 4,500 missiles fired by Hamas but never count the shells fired by Israel. Mark Perry reports in Al-Jazeera that 11 Israeli artillery battalions fired 7,000 missiles on Shejaiyah in one day. All told, Israel destroyed or damaged 10,000 homes. Such vengeance-seeking is against Christ’s command to love enemies. People ask how to help the people of Gaza. We can’t ease their grief, but we can write President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Congress, urging them to demand Israel lift the siege of Gaza. Palestinians urge us to intensify the movement of boycott, divestment and sanctions, bringing Israel to its senses as South Africa was. See Act now!

June Forsyth Kenagy
Albany, Ore.

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