This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Talking past each other

It is so sad to see churches and conferences leaving a denomination. To see them leave under false assumptions is tragic.

It seems the traditionalists who are leaving complain because they make the assumption that those who support same-sex inclusion in the church have ignored the Bible, or disregard it, or don’t take it seriously.

It also seems that those for inclusion have not clearly enough made the biblical case for inclusion, or same-sex marriage. If so, I would welcome the inclusion side to take another try at it, for those who may have missed it.

One pastor said, “They have already made the case for it. There are biblical teachings on inclusion, justice, love and good fruit, evidence of the Spirit that need context. The traditionalists just don’t want to listen, or refuse to accept it.”

So tragic that it’s probably too late. So much will be lost over assumptions and people talking past each other. Any credentialed person care to make the biblical case one more time? Specific scriptures would help.

Brian D. Stucky
Goessel, Kan.

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