This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

The greater danger

In the interview with Ronald J. Sider about the book he edited, The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump, Sider summarizes President Trump as a liar and adulterer who is not concerned for the poor, stokes white racism, has responded weakly to COVID-19 and disastrously to climate change and undermines democracy with attacks on the “fake media.”

I once worked for a wise man who told me not to tell him the problem but the solution. By the time I’d finished reading the interview I felt I’d been told what the problem was.

The interview seems to indicate the solution is to vote for a party that backs abortion, socialism, Marxism, anarchy, defunding law enforcement, closing jails, open borders, gay marriage, rioting, destruction of federal property, disrespecting our Christian heritage and that spawned the Ku Klux Klan in the “solid South.” Spiritual danger?

We were told by the last Democratic occupant of the White House that our best days were behind us and that America never was great. I am hoping and praying for four more years to make America great again.

Larry Esmonde
Lima, Ohio

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