Was I working or playing?

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It probably shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that our team at Anabaptist World loves a good read. In this book-themed issue, we have the pleasure of presenting many new titles. 

It isn’t every day that your work and play intertwine, and for this issue — at least for me — I felt this was the case. 

While we read article submissions all the time, reading books is a different experience. It was a joy for me to participate in this issue and to see it come to fruition. 

I hope as you peruse the titles and their mini-­reviews, you too can participate and find a title or two to add to your reading list. 

On page 8, we’ve included a ­longer preview of Leaving Silence by ­Susannah Larry. I had the privilege of attending Larry’s workshop at last summer’s Mennonite Church USA convention. In the workshop, her book and this article, I appreciate her differentiation of sexualized violence and sexual violence. This difference allows us to see that this violence is not always connected to sex but to power. 

This awareness has changed what I see when I read Scripture. It has been helpful to name and understand the dynamics we find in the biblical stories and in our current times. 

I’m grateful for ­Larry’s work to expand the conversation on trauma and violence. 

As we move through fall, I start to think about Advent and Christmas. One resource I have come to deeply appreciate is from SALT, a multi­media and print resource for congregations. 

Recently I’ve loved their “Less Is More” Christmas poster and devotional. The devotional can be used personally, as a family or even as a congregational resource. It’s beautiful and simple — and, while not created specifically for Anabaptists, its focus on simplicity speaks the language of Anabaptist values. If you’d like to see more of their resources, you can find them at saltproject.org. 

And, if you’ve been wondering what to give friends or family this year, consider the gift of Anabaptist World. You can send a gift subscription to anyone, near or far. Then, once their subscription starts, you can give them a call to discuss the most recent issue. It’s a meaningful gift that can help build relationships with your loved ones. To order gift subscriptions, go to ­anabaptistworld.org/xmasgift21. 

Danielle Klotz

Danielle Klotz is executive director of Anabaptist World. She lives in Goshen Indiana with her partner Nata and their sons Read More

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