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We’re never ‘naked’

Rachel Stella wrote a good article (“U.K. Reveals Anabaptism Without Baggage,” Sept. 12), and Joe Miller’s quest for a baggageless faith would be shared by many modern Mennonites. Still, the idea of a purely theological or “naked” Anabaptism reminds me of pre-1989 academic Marxism, which was quite popular in North America during most of my adult life. One could believe in equality, socialism and communism without the problems, terrors and contradictions of a lived Marxist community such as existed in Soviet Russia, Cuba or Romania. Theological Anabaptism without lived Mennonite, Amish or Hutterite churches also helps us to feel good if our children and friends leave our churches for other communions or even no church at all. I have heard many a Mennonite parent tell me about this exodus but then find some comfort in saying: Ah, but they still hold to our values. There are many benefits to British theological Anabaptism, but somehow I cannot wish it upon Mellinger Mennonite Church [the Lancaster, Pa., congregation Joe Miller pastors].

Levi Miller
Wooster, Ohio

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