What about the minority?

The December editorial reviewed the consequences of Mennonite denominational decisions. I suggest we take a hard look at our process of decision-making. Robert’s Rules of Order is meant to ensure that the majority gets its way and the minority is heard. This should not imply that the majority is always right. What happens to the minority? They are expected to be good sports and go along.

In my lifetime, congregations have confronted controversial issues: the wedding ring, the prayer veiling, divorce and remarriage, race, women in leadership and, the hardest of them all, LGBTQ. Little effort was made to reconcile our differences or even to show respect and care for each other. 

Nothing is ever all right or all wrong. In separation, both gain something and lose something. That is not the way to build the body of Christ. We have lost our ability to reason together (Isaiah 1:18). Sometimes our meetings do more harm than good
(1 Corinthians 11:17). In Jesus’ teachings, the majority is likened to the broad road that leads to destruction, while the narrow road (the minority view) leads to life.

Edgar Stoesz, Lititz, Pa.

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