White supremacist thinking

I am pleased that AW covered Song Kang Ho and The Frontiers (“Peace activist jailed in South Korea,” Feb. 12). In addition to friendship with Mennonites in Germany, The Frontiers and Christian Peacemaker Teams have had a warm relationship. It is an honor that The Frontiers points to CPT in their self-description. The phrase “a Korean version of Christian Peacemaker Teams” has an unfortunate potential to reinforce white supremacist thinking. Racism teaches the lie that all original ideas are invented by white people and copied by others. The Frontiers’ creative peacemaking contradicts that falsehood. For CPT, The Frontiers has been a peer with similarities and dif­ferences and, joyfully, sometimes a parallel in a partnered journey of peacemaking.

Carol Rose, Tucson, Ariz.

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