Who we are, and aren’t

If a congregation, school or conference drops “Mennonite” from their name, they no longer have to explain who they are not (“So you’re Mennonite, huh?,” May 6). “Anabaptist” is a sensible name. 

So, who are the Anabaptists? We believe Jesus said what he meant and meant what he said — all of it. We believe the heart of Christianity is found in the Gospels. But, if we are to give these kinds of answers, we must acquaint ourselves with our Confession of Faith and study the Gospels thoroughly — gathering around Scripture and searching together for the best understanding for our time and place.

I was an oddity at age 17. Nobody in our Mennonite congregation knew anything about my parents or grandparents. But I had been introduced to the Mennonite faith, and it was very attractive. I was baptized along with my parents and younger brother. At age 79, I’m still here.

Lloyd Brugger, Weyers Cave, Va.

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