This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Whose bar is low?

John Pow­ell (A Voice from the Center, June 4) described a Doonesbury comic strip by Garry Tru­deau depicting a pastor giving an announcement about what evangelicals currently view as sin: “The list of behavior that will now be condoned includes vulgarity, lewdness, sexual assault, adultery and others to be announced. At the end of service, one member said to the pastor, ‘Lovin’ the low bar, pastor.’ Another responded, ‘Me too, I feel like a saint now!’ The pastor replied, ‘Enjoy.’ ”

A low bar? By quoting an anti-Christian comic strip that falsely portrays believers in the lowest possible manner, Powell has blasphemed all of Christendom. He could not have set the bar for Anabaptism any lower. Unfortunately, this is the new face of Mennonite faith. Powell and the publisher should apologize.

David Bontrager
Mission, Kan.

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