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Double standard

Since Dale Welty’s false allegations about Hillary Clinton (Letters & Comments, Dec. 5) likely represent the views of more than one Mennonite, they suggest the need for a collective apology and expression of shame by Mennonites. First, the allegation that Clinton “promoted open borders” is false. But for Mennonites there is a much bigger issue.

In the early 1980s conservative Mennonites from Mexico began to immigrate to the U.S. on tourist visas. Thanks to lies told them by unscrupulous realtors in the area around Seminole, Texas, they bought land without water rights and assumed that, by simply having bought property, they could ultimately become citizens. But, of course, they were wrong. So, when the threat of deportation arose, on Oct. 19, 1980, members of the Texas congressional delegation, working with Mennonite Central Committee, obtained special legislation that initially admitted some 600-700 of these illegal, white Mennonites. “Open borders” indeed. Thanks to this very special treatment there is, now, a growing community of white Mennonites in the area around Seminole, for which I, at least, am thankful.

In view of such special treatment white Mennonites have been given, the views expressed in Welty’s letter about immigration are shameful. I’m quite sure we will not be hearing of such special legislation being introduced for even one desperate “brown” woman and her children by the Texas, or any other, congressional delegation. Mennonites, at least, should be ashamed.

Donald E. Voth
Albuquerque, N.M.

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