Five Things Friday Roundup: Caring for each other through transitions

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From the beginning of a new school year to job transitions, from the changing of the seasons to the celebration of a life well-lived or a new birth, we live lives full of change. In my own season of change and transition I’ve been reflecting on how we care for one another, how we care for ourselves, and how we care for our relationship with God.

1. In the midst of a new Sunday school year starting, I am thankful for the good resources offered by MennoMedia for both adults and children. These resources are great for traditional Sunday morning education hours, but also for midweek programs, or smaller study groups as well. I love the fact that MennoMedia continues to improve their products, listening to feedback and working to increase technology connections with the Salt & Light videos and various online resources.

2. As we care for our physical bodies in times of transition, I am reminded of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exercise. Spending time walking, attending an exercise class, or playing a team sport allows the additional relationship benefit as well. How might you honor God’s good creation of your body by being active this week?

3. Sometimes it’s not an obvious transition that brings a need for peace, but simply our roles in life. Check out your local library or bookstore for titles that address the areas in your life where you need a bit more of God’s healing and hope. I recently appreciated Becky Thompson’s Peace: Hope & Healing for the Anxious Momma’s Heart.

4. A wise friend once told me that feelings are just feelings, they don’t define me. As my little one started Kindergarten recently, I’ve worked hard to create a safe space at home where we can honestly talk about how we’re feeling, and not to label any feelings as “good” or “bad” or to label ourselves as “bad” or “good” for having a feeling. It’s what we do with that “angry” or “happy” feeling that matters. This has been a helpful shift for our entire household.

5. In our busy lives and especially during times of transition, intentionally taking time to be fully present with God can sometimes be a challenge. As the busy summer camping season ends, I think of the many wonderful church camps and retreat grounds that have fall retreats, or facilities available for personal retreats. In my area of Kansas, Camp Mennoscah is a place where “people of all ages come to renew themselves, their relationships, and their connection with God.” Mennonite Camping Association has a great list of Canadian and U.S. campgrounds where you can go to retreat.

Jennie Wintermote

Jennie Wintermote splits her day-time hours between the Western District Conference Resource Library in North Newton, Kansas and Anabaptist World. Read More

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