Five things Friday roundup: Nudges of the Spirit

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In a time of confusion, separation, and fear (brought on by the pandemic, politics, and personal crises of all kinds) may we remember who we are and whose we are.

I’m paying attention to the nudges of the Spirit inviting me to focus on:
1. Our calling to be people of God’s peace as MC USA posted on Election Day:  “We pray for a Spirit of Peace to hover over our nation, bringing a sense of deep spiritual strength and groundedness during this fragile moment. We pray that our churches act as agents of healing through nonviolent witness and tangible acts of love and service–even to our enemies–living into our call as people of God’s peace.” May we remember that calling in our conversations, our social media posts, and even in our thoughts.
2. Choosing Joy–Every day I know I have the choice to think about my dreams that have died, and the challenges I will face that day–or I can focus on my daughter and share her joy in piles of fall leaves, new books to share, and long walks. There is joy.
3. Continuing to Learn–I have much to learn about my white privilege, racism, and God’s desire for reconciliation among His beloved children. I’ve read good books by Drew G. I. Hart and other people of faith, but most recently read How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. I highly recommend it.
4. Seeking Connection. As an Anabaptist, I’ve been raised with an emphasis on the gathered community of faith. I grieve the lost intergenerational connections that have been difficult during the pandemic and I’m dreaming of ways our children and elders might connect with those outside their own household and family in rich ways that would encourage everyone and nurture faith. What are your creative ideas?
5. A Place to Worship. I haven’t been in our church building for 8 months and won’t for months yet and last night I realized that the physical act of having a set-aside or Holy place is important for me and my spiritual walk. Today my preschooler helped me set up our own Holy place where we can go to meet God. We set up a simple space with the things that help us worship and seek God. God is always present, but what does it mean to have a space set aside for experiencing and worshiping God? What is that place for you?

Jennie Wintermote

Jennie Wintermote splits her day-time hours between the Western District Conference Resource Library in North Newton, Kansas and Anabaptist World. Read More

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