Online youth outreach extends far beyond Mexico

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, ­Followers of Christ Mennonite Church in Mexico City could no longer run its program to reach young people living in poverty and marginalization. But online outreach has opened new opportunities.

The program, Rescatando la Esperanza de los Chavos (Rescuing Children’s Hope), uses art, sports and music to express Christian values of peace, service and love.


Alva Perez Gonzales, a children’s teacher in the congregation, wanted to find a space to connect with young people. So she started LatinsMeno, an online venture to connect with young people through devotionals on peace, Christian living and the love of God.

Gonzales — along with her husband, Mario, and friend Ana — began to look for young people from other Latin American countries to be part of LatinsMeno. To their surprise, the project attracted much more attention outside Mexico than within the country. It has grown to include more than 450 Facebook followers.

Through devotionals, international relationships were formed across Latin America. LatinsMeno’s focus became sharing devotionals, music, Scripture and other gifts. Gonzales believes participants have found more than music and reflections: a space for diverse young people to share their faith, hope and joy.

“Every time someone participated, I felt that each one spoke to me personally,” she said. “Everyone left their essence in a certain way.”

LatinsMeno can be followed on Instagram and Facebook.

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