Practical care for the Earth

“Earth care: spiritual, practical” (Sept. 22) was helpful, except for one erroneous idea: that carbon taxes help the environment. Carbon taxes only enrich governments that already overtax people. A better way would be to pay workers adequate wages. This would help them take better care of their families while accurately raising the prices of goods to offset our global demand for things. The current system of paying meager income to farmers, textile workers and service employees while artificially keeping prices low with government assistance and pre-programmed price schemes is not helpful.

In “A tale of two horses and two cars,” the author mentions “an electric car powered by renewable energy,” which is not accurate, as the demand for business, household and now automobile electricity far exceeds the supply available for electric cars. An electric car completely powered by renewable energy just is not physically possible now. To assume so is to blindly accept what the media, government and society tell us.

Ray Barnes, Greencastle, Pa.

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