Protecting the lives of unborn children

In the Nov. 3 elections, one issue out­weighs all others: protecting the lives of unborn children. If public policy says it is OK to kill a baby given life by God, it is a travesty of the very worst sort.

Ted Bergey says Joe Biden “with his Catholic belief . . . remains pro-life. But with respect to national policy he has endorsed a pro-choice position.” This makes him double-minded, and James 1:8 says double-minded people are “unstable in every way.” If Biden does not boldly work to stop abortion, no Christ-follower can vote for him.

Bergey says pro-life includes issues of poverty, immigration, health care for all, climate change, capital punishment, warfare and nuclear weapons. Surely each of these issues becomes a moot point when an unborn child is cruelly murdered.

Eldon Claassen, Fort Wayne, Ind.

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