Roles are reversed

I left the Mennonite Church USA assembly (page 16) wondering and hoping. LGBTQ and allied Mennonites have grown used to approaching national church polity as a minority. It is a bit disorienting now to be in the (slight) majority in perspective on a national level. I wonder how our stances, tactics and experiences will change now that there is a formal apology for harm done and specific commitments toward transformation. I also wonder how it will be for individuals, congregations and conferences who, on this issue, are in a slight minority for the first time. Will you hang in there with us? No one is asking you to leave. We are one family in Christ. Somos una familia en Cristo. Reorientation can be a confusing time. Keep your roots in faith and stay. We have work to do together.

Carol Rose, Tucson, Ariz.

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