Sunday school memories

The May 27 cover photo looked ­familiar. We remember Mary K. Nafziger from when we were students at Goshen College, where she taught. In the photo, she is a new graduate. Looking more carefully, we realized Evan was the boy seated by her right hand. His family attended College Mennonite Church in 1946-47 while his father studied at Goshen Biblical Seminary. On Sundays, Evan’s hair would be slicked down with Vitalis. He was barely 5 years old, but the other children appear older. He does not remember being in the class or who the others were. We are interested if any can be identified. They would be in their early 80s.

Janice and J. Evan Kreider, Vancouver, B.C.


“Whatever happened to Sunday school?” reminded me of the song we sang after class at the Roanoke, Ill., Amish Mennonite Church in the late 1930s: “Sunday school is over, and we are staying here./That’s fine, that’s fine; the sermon we will hear.” We boys would then march upstairs to sit on the men’s side and the girls on the women’s side. The sermon I remember most was one in which Rev. Yordy, in the face of some naughtiness, stopped preaching and announced that Maurice (his son) should go sit by the side door and I should sit on the other side. This we did, and the congregation watched with loving silence as we made ready for the sermon we would hear from our mothers on the way home.

Roger Ulrich, Kalamazoo, Mich.

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