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Tabor signs Evana partnership

HILLSBORO, Kan. — Tabor College has announced a fraternal relationship with the Evana Network, opening doors for collaboration among the wider Anabaptist community.

The Mennonite Brethren college is the first higher education institution to sign an agreement with Evana. Tabor hopes to expand its investment in the Anabaptist community by connecting with Evana’s churches, pastors and youth.

Tabor College President Jules Glanzer signs a partnership agreement with Evana Network. — Tabor College
Tabor College President Jules Glanzer signs a partnership agreement with Evana Network. — Tabor College

“We hope our relationship with Evana will provide an even stronger bond with pastors and churches that share our same values,” said Tabor President Jules Glanzer.

Founded in 2015, Evana — whose name combines the words evangelical and Anabaptist — serves multiple denominations with a focus on helping churches engage in their communities. It includes 30 congregations, mostly in the Midwest and Northeast part of the U.S. and one in Canada. No MB congregations are listed in Evana’s online directory.

Glanzer said Evana “aligns well with the mission and vision of Tabor, and we look forward to collaborating with the pastors and churches involved.”

Both organizations hope the partnership offers growth opportunities outside their circles. Both seek greater awareness and involvement of youth.

“At the core of our partnership is an excitement about sharing Tabor with our youth as a place for Christ-centered education,” said Evana executive director John Troyer.

Although the partnership was announced Feb. 10, Tabor and Evana have been working together informally for nearly a year.

“Tabor’s staff has already jumped in to support our efforts,” Troyer said. “Staff have attended our events and gatherings to meet and share with pastors and youth.”

In addition to outreach to youth, the two institutions are invested in continued education for pastors. Tabor’s master’s degree in ministry entrepreneurship and innovation provides an opportunity for pastors to receive ministry training that positions them to fill needs in their community.

“Tabor’s MEI program is the perfect training format for our pastors who wish to engage more directly with their community,” Troyer said. “The program provides mentorship, collaboration across the fields of business and ministry and supports success by building practical skills. It connects wonderfully with the goals of Evana.”

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