This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Vote with every bite

I hope every individual claiming faith in God and the Bible would agree that God cares not only about the lowliest of people but also the little creatures creating nutrition we depend on. This hits everybody’s dinner plates with thoughts of where food comes from — whether an animal was raised in a way pleasing to God or whether a vegetable depleted or enhanced its surrounding soil. If your answer to such questions is “I don’t know” or “Why should it matter?”, then step back and re-evaluate what should be a priority in a life of faith in God. Asking questions starts to uncover what is accepted and seen as normal in our society. But these practices are not normal or how God created. For example, if cows are taken out of their intended environment, concentrated in a feed lot or a dairy operation and fed grain instead of grass, would God consider that caring for his creation?

I did not vote for any political office this year, but I vote with every bite I put in my mouth. I do this out of obedience to a God who created a world where every creature is cared for and put in its natural environment.

Andrew Keeler
Rittman, Ohio

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