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3,400 register for MWC so far

By mid-March, Mennonite World Conference assembly registrants totaled about 3,400 people from 66 countries.

Registrants for the event July 21-26 in Harrisburg, Pa., represent 18 African countries, 15 Asian countries, 20 Latin American countries and 11 European countries.

Totals break down roughly as follows: 1,070 from the U.S., 720 from Canada, 500 from Africa, 300 from Asia, 450 from Latin America and 360 from Europe.

Part-time registration is newly available, according to Liesa Unger, chief international events officer for MWC, because organizers have determined there will be enough space at the event’s venue, the Farm Show Complex.

The daily rate for adult registrants from the global North is $120 per day, $50 per day for youth and children.

That grants admission for the first event of the day — singing beginning at 9:30 a.m. — through the end of the evening worship service at 8:30 p.m.

Part-time registrants may join in friendship groups, attend afternoon workshops and the art exhibit, participate in the Global Church Village and on-site sports activities. Parking or shuttle service is included in the fee.

Events like tours, service projects, the Anabaptist World Cup and Assembly Scattered are available only to those who register full-time.

Sharing registration

“We’re also encouraging people who work together or live near each other to share a full-time registration if they can’t each attend all of PA 2015,” said registration manager Magali Moreno of Paraguay.

“For example, one Mennonite agency purchased 15 full-time registrations to share among its staff who work locally. . . .

“Several retirement communities are considering buying multiple full-time registrations so that their residents can sign up for different days.

“We’ve heard, too, of congregations and small groups — even extended families — who are buying a number of full-time tickets and then coordinating who will go when.”

Too many Americans?

Unger said some from the U.S. and Canada have wondered if they should not come so they don’t overwhelm the event.

“There are always more attendees from the host country at MWC Assemblies than from any other country,” she said. “That was true in India, in Zimbabwe and in Paraguay.”

Assembly organizers are planning for 6,500 registrants. The Farm Show Complex can accommodate up to 10,000.

For full-time or part-time registration, go to

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