A new schedule and a matching grant

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I have important news to share. Since Anabaptist World launched in September 2020, we’ve been on a journey of discovery. We believed a few things from the start: 1) Anabaptists deserve an independent publication of news and inspiration; 2) the publication should remain in print; and 3) a robust digital presence is essential.

Experience has reinforced these beliefs. And we’ve learned things that have informed how we continue to grow.

One discovery surprised us: Even though we published 16 issues a year, many readers thought we were monthly.

Beginning in January, they will be right: We’re moving to a 12-issue schedule. This will mitigate the rising costs of printing and mailing.

The schedule will be familiar to former readers of The Mennonite. Before merging with Mennonite World Review, The Mennonite pub­lished monthly. (MWR was a twice-a-month newspaper and, longer ago, a weekly.)

The Mennonite had 40 pages. We plan to publish at least 48, often more. We’re expanding already: The 52-page issue you’re reading now is AW’s largest so far.

We’re not alone in changing our print frequency. Christian Leader, the U.S. Mennonite Brethren magazine, now publishes six issues a year. The ecumenical magazine Christian Cen­tury last year shifted from twice a month to monthly.

Some Anabaptist denominations have abandoned print altogether. The Canadian Mennonite Brethren Conference and Rosedale Network (former Conservative Mennonite Conference) no longer have print magazines, only digital.

We continue to believe print is an essential part of our mission. We also know readers keep moving toward digital. So, we’re committed to providing new, different and more content online.

Beginning in January, you’ll see a new feature in print alerting you to digital-only content, making it easier to find additional articles online. At the same time, we’ll expand the print magazine. 

We still believe Anabaptists deserve an independent publication that continues the legacies of our predecessors and adapts to today’s needs. I hope you’ve appreciated AW’s unique ability to report on Anabaptist people and institutions.

THe other important NEWS is that we are in the midst of a year-end giving campaign with a special incentive: A generous supporter has pledged a $25,000 match. This household will give up to $25,000, doubling the gifts of others.

Please, help us meet this matching goal. It’s a rare time when your gift is doubled, so no amount is too small. Go to anabaptistworld.org/Double2023 or send a check to our office at 129 W. Sixth St., Newton, KS 67114.

Thank you for all the ways you support AW! And don’t be surprised if you get a call from me to say thank you one more time.

Danielle Klotz

Danielle Klotz is executive director of Anabaptist World. She lives in Goshen Indiana with her partner Nata and their sons Read More

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