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April 2019 Call for Submissions: Just relationships

The Mennonite, Inc., invites your original submissions for our April 2019 print magazine issue and corresponding online content focusing on Just relationships.

Description of the theme:

We are created and called to be in relationship—with ourselves, with others, with creation, with God. God as Trinity is in relationship. Micah 6:8 says that God requires us to “do justice and love kindness and walk humbly with [our] God.” Our relationships are to be just. Jesus tells his followers not to be like the Gentile rulers who “lord it over” people but to follow Jesus’ example of being a servant (Mark 10:42-45). There are power dynamics in all relationships, and how we use and manage that power in relationships matters. God’s justice involves mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation, and we are called to imitate God in our relationships.

Submissions may consider one of the following prompts/questions, among others:

  • How and where have you experienced a just relationship? Tell us your story.
  • What practices have contributed to you seeking a just relationship with God (e.g. principles of justice, loving kindness, humility)?
  • What scriptures speak to you about just relationships? What does that mean to you in how you relate to your community today?
  • How have you practiced justice with others?
  • How does your congregation or faith community practice just relationships, both internally and externally?

Submissions are due to no later than March 1.

We welcome articles—personal stories, biblical or theological reflections, stories about your congregation, and more (800-1,200 words)—as well as original photography, videos and artwork on the theme. Please note we are committed to anti-oppression reviews as part of our editorial process. When developing your submission, please review our updated anti-oppression guidelines as well as our editorial guidelines.

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