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Blessed to share

Thanks for all the excellent columns that appear in MWR. They are always thoughtful and well-written. The recent Living Simply column, “Do-Gooder’s Dilemma” by Celeste Kennel-Shank (July 18), was no exception. As a social worker I often bristled at being labeled a do-gooder, but in my personal life I welcomed it. Kennel-Shank did an excellent job of describing the dilemma of when, how much and to whom one must give. I try to think of it now more as sharing, which recognizes that even if I gave away everything it would not be enough and that no one expects me to give until I suffer or my family suffers by going without. Her recognition that the daily sharing of ourselves and our time is as important as money, and that the simple things of life bring abundance and joy, is worth repeating.

Lloyd Kaufman
Des Moines, Iowa

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