Cheering for Chicagoans

I am grateful to hear of Bethel Community Mennonite Church’s efforts in the face of gentrifying injustice (“Chicago church organizes neighbors to hold leaders to housing commitment,” March 24). As part of a neighborhood team working to survive rapid gentrification, I cheer heartily for this church and their allies. I hope they can get support from Chicago groups that work for a Community Benefits Agreement. This is a legally binding contract with a neighborhood coalition and a developer that must benefit the neighborhood in exchange for supporting the development. It seems there could be a strong case for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to be the developer with lower-income housing. Maybe this has been explored. I’m rooting for the church and every nonviolent means possible to win back housing for those who need it most.

Mary Sprunger-Froese, 

Colorado Springs, Colo.

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