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Conduct unbecoming

An open memo to the Mennonite Church USA Constit­u­ency Leaders Council regarding its review of the Membership Guidelines: Please, bring before the delegate assembly of the 2019 convention a resolution to strip Part III from the Membership Guidelines. Part III — “clarification on some issues related to homosexuality and membership” — has served us poorly.

As I see things, historically and ethically, the development of Part III, its initial adoption and its 2015 reaffirmation all may be judged as conduct unbecoming of pacifists. History reflects that Part III was the ransom we all paid in 2001 to factions who had held integration of the Mennonite Church and General Conference Mennonite Church hostage since 1999. Caught in an unholy headlock, we selfishly cried “Uncle!” and sacrificed our LGBTQ siblings-in-Christ so our older brothers and sisters would condescend to join our club. Ever since and still, some of us have used it to threaten others. Let this end now! I’ll be in Kansas City, ready to vote my approval.

Bradley Siebert
Topeka, Kan.

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