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Does God intervene?

If B. Harry Dyck (“Opting to Be Humanist,” Letters & Comments, Aug. 14) would read Is God a Moral Monster? by Paul Copan he might understand that a just God must impose discipline. This just God created planet Earth with just the right properties to sustain life and created humans on it, inviting them into fellowship with him, but grants them free will so they can choose to serve or reject him. They can choose to show compassion for those in need or ignore them and go their selfish ways.

In 1982, this God heard the anguished cry of a dad whose 3-year old daughter experienced terrifying nightmares for six months. A simple plea to God brought an instant cessation of those nightmares.

As I parked my car on Orchard Street, the Holy Spirit gave me the thought, ‘If you sit here for five minutes, angry, hostile, Dr. Leo will come by, and you can remind him of the noon Bible study.” Within four minutes Dr. Leo walked by. Four weeks later, he excitedly showed me the first Bible he ever owned. Such examples are numerous.

Thus, with humility and fear, I say God does intervene in our daily affairs. God is worthy of our obedience and worship. Humanism does not have better answers to life’s nagging questions.

Myron Shenk
Albany, Ore.

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