Five things Friday roundup: How to live as a child of God amidst late-stage capitalism

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1. The audacity of rest

These past few weeks have been busy ones for me, and I know I’m not alone in that. While a day off is restful, fitting it into your schedule or truly resting during that time can prove difficult. A tweet recently illustrated the difference between a European out-of-office email (I’m away camping for the summer. Email again in September) and an American one (I have left the office for 2 hours to undergo kidney surgery but you can reach me on my cell anytime). This painfully resonated. It is countercultural and audacious to rest, and yet it is so necessary. Where in your life are you being this audacious?

2. Trusting your gut

Years ago I did not trust my gut. I lacked such confidence in my own abilities and instincts that I would often go against my gut, and at the results were catastrophic. A wise person recently told me that knowledge of God and knowledge of self cannot be separated. To know God, we must also know and trust ourselves, created in the image of God. Also, it is ok to ask God to be obvious! But in this, we must also learn to trust our spirits when something isn’t right. 

3.  Imposter syndrome. Stop. 

This is the most important article I’ve read about this subject since graduating seminary 11 years agoStop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome.
Women are often told, when lacking confidence or feeling unsure, that they have imposter syndrome. This article explores what it’s like, especially for women from marginalized communities, to be told that while systems of racism, sexism, and homophobia invade the workplace. Not every confident person is competent, and confidence is not often rewarded for women of color. It’s not women who need to be fixed. This article puts the onus on work culture. 

 4. Tuna cakes

I’m trying to eat more poultry and fish but I easily get bored. When I lived near fresh water, I often enjoyed crab and crab cakes. Here in Indiana, the closest I get to crab is Red Lobster. Recently I made tuna cakes as a tasty alternative. This Lemon Garlic Tuna Cake recipe here is a good one to follow. Serve them over spinach and add your own aoli and you won’t be disappointed. Better yet? Super quick to make. 

5. Satire. Accurate Satire. 

If you’re a woman who works in the business/church/non-profit world, you’ve likely encountered sexism, patriarchy, racism, and a host of other problems that keep you from getting where you want to be or flourishing in the role that you’re in. While it is my hope that you have gotten out of this situation, I acknowledge those who are currently stuck in patterns that are unhealthy. The article I’m providing is not helpful, it’s merely a satirical McSweeny’s article that will make you cry with how accurate it is. If you’re not a woman who works in the business/church/non-profit world, it might help you with insight into that world. 

Joanne Gallardo

Joanne Gallardo is conference minister of Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference of Mennonite Church USA in Goshen, Indiana. Read More

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