Hearing Jesus on sexuality

When my church faced the question of brothers and sisters in Christ who cannot be comfortable in a heterosexual marriage yet desire a life commitment in love with another person, I found I had deep feelings that marriage was only for a man and a woman. My church spent a couple of years studying what Jesus taught about sexuality and what did he not teach. I became less sure about what I previously believed and more concerned about what Jesus was saying today. It seemed to me that Jesus’ concern was about spouses keeping their promises. I saw that there were several interpretations of the passages in Paul’s letters about avoiding sexual misconduct. The passages were most clear about avoiding adultery and fornication. Paul also taught about accepting each other in love, even if we don’t agree. Modern culture suggests sex without commitment. I need to keep turning from that and let Jesus’ love and teachings be the focus of my life, my sexuality and my marriage.

Albert Steiner, Evanston, Ill.

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