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Simple is peaceful

When would it be right for an enemy nation to murder your family? If never, how can it be right for the U.S. to murder anyone else’s family? I oppose all war, so for me to pay federal income tax to train others to become professional hired killers would be more evil than being a soldier myself. How much good is it to pray, hope and march for peace if we pay for war? If your tax dollars burned homes and killed families on your street, would you pay? Are our neighbors abroad less precious? I have paid no federal income tax for 36 years. I lived well in 2014 on $4,923, less than half the poverty level for me as a single person. Are U.S. Mennonites too addicted to buying stuff we don’t need to enjoy living below the federal income taxable level to avoid paying for this empire’s mass murder worldwide? Many years ago I was a Bible major at Eastern Mennonite University, an Illinois Mennonite pastor and a Voluntary Service member. Now I am the most well-known war-tax refuser, simple-living enthusiast and openly gay man in Albuquerque.

Don Schrader
Albuquerque, N.M.

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