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Ungodly conference

I found the Mennonite USA Convention to be very sad. I saw people crying out for acceptance and unity but not prepared to do anything about it personally. I was hurt to see that so many people fear breaking away from MC USA instead of trusting in the Lord and his word. I found it hard to sing with them, to pray with them and feel like I was part of them. I wondered, “How can they pray for God’s blessings when they debate the acceptance of his word as a final authority?”

I found it surprising that the arguments were not about God’s intent for marriage but instead about how God can work in spite of things going out of his will, how love and grace surpass all.

I mourn for the youth of today. How will they know what is right and wrong when the church does not know? I am in favor of leaving MC USA. I will not engage our youth group with anything that has to do with the denomination anymore. There is no way to know if a member of the LGBT group will be there planting seeds of compromise in their minds. We need to look for those who believe the same as us and be ready to break from this ungodly conference.

Dallas Krehbiel
Kingman, Kan.

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