AW receives 6 press association awards

Anabaptist World, July 7, 2023 Anabaptist World, July 7, 2023

Anabaptist World won six awards, including two first-place Awards of Excellence, at the Associated Church Press convention May 17 in Chicago.

Associate editor Tim ­Huber received the Award of Excellence for “Two ­Koreas, one war’s legacy,” a set of articles and photos from a reporting trip to South Korea, in the category “in-depth coverage, magazine or journal.” The package was featured in the July 7 issue.

AW’s “Letters & Comments” page received the Award of Excellence in the “letters to the editor, all media” category.

Editor Paul Schrag received two honorable mentions: for an editorial, “Blessing at the parting of ways: When churches separate, it’s time to model diversity with grace,” in the category “editorial or opinion, all media”; and an article, “Subtractions add up: When congregations choose new spiritual kin, even centuries-long relationships end,” in “denominational politics, long format.” Both appeared in the Oct. 13 issue.


Columnist Sarah Kehrberg received an honorable mention for “Craggy View” in “column, all media” (based on three sample columns).

Columnist Lucinda J. Kinsinger received an honorable mention for “Like rain in its season, the Spirit’s work is gentle but sure,” in “devotional/inspirational, short format” (based on one of her columns).


Two members of the Anabaptist World Inc. Board of Directors received awards for articles in the ecumenical magazine The Christian Century.

Melissa Florer-Bixler, pastor of Raleigh Mennonite Church in North Carolina, received an Award of Excellence for “Extravagant Consumption” in “theological reflection, short format” and an honorable mention for “Discerning the body” in “theological reflection, long format.”

Dawn Araujo-Hawkins, news editor at The Christian Century, received the Award of Excellence for “Surviving Hillcrest,” an article about physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school in Nigeria, in “international reporting, long format.”

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