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Leadership transition at DOOR Program

Photo: Andrea Sawyer Kirksey the new DOOR Interim Executive Director. Photo provided by DOOR staff.

The DOOR Program is experiencing a season of change. Effective August 31, 2017, Glenn Balzer has resigned as DOOR Executive Director. DOOR is sad to lose his leadership after 23 years, but celebrates all that he has given to the organization. DOOR blesses him and wishes him well as he also embraces a season of change.

In partnership with Mennonite Mission Network and the Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteers organization, DOOR is a faith-based network of cities that provides opportunities for service, learning, and leadership development within the urban context.

DOOR is happy to welcome Andrea Sawyer-Kirksey as the Interim Executive Director, effective August 1, 2017. Andrea moves into this role after five years as the Chicago City Director. She brought to DOOR her experience as an educator, justice advocate and program development professional. She has created curriculum for youth through undergrad and graduate levels dealing with issues of justice, inequality, racism and poverty.

During her time as the Chicago City Director, Sawyer-Kirksey shared her passion for Chicago, best summed up by the 2017 program theme of, “Chicago: Beautifully Complicated.” She challenged participants to look beyond the surface of the city and individuals to find the richer stories. Sawyer-Kirksey has been particularly passionate about raising up local youth of color to be leaders in DOOR’s Discern program and in Chicago.

DOOR is excited to see how Sawyer-Kirksey’s experience and passions will shape the organization and its programs.

DOOR programming “is rooted in the strength of local churches and communities, mutual respect, a culture of welcome and hospitality, and thoughtful reflection.” To learn more about DOOR, visit

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