This article was originally published by The Mennonite

Let’s journey together, says Millsaps

Cyneatha Millsaps, during adult worship on July 4, shared about her journey in Christ with Bonnie Neufeld and encouraged the audience to find others to walk with in their faith lives.

Millsaps is pastor of Community Mennonite Church in Markum, Ill., and a Grace and Truth columnist for The Mennonite.

“Bonnie and I met eight years ago,” she told the adults at worship. “The journey we have had together in Christ has been amazing. She probably knows more about me than if you would have asked me myself.”

Others’ lives open up Scripture for us, Millsaps said. “Through Bonnie, I understand who Christ is.”

Millsaps says that as a pastor she has talked to people who have struggled with divorce, addictions, loss and grief— and feel terrible.

“After years of working with these people, that situation was bad, but God brought me thought it,” she said.

Hearing these experiences from others help us understand God better. “That’s what it means to journey together,” she said.

“I pray that we will do more for one another and just hear each other’s stories,” she said at the end.

Then the adults gathered shared in Communion.

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