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More adults but fewer youth at KC2015

Joint worship for adults and youth on July 5. Photo by Vada Snider for The Mennonite.

Three-hundred and twenty-four more adults attended Kansas City 2015 than Phoenix 2013.

However, there were 380 more youth and youth sponsors at Phoenix 2013. Pittsburgh 2011 had a total of 6,701 with 2,573 adults and the rest children or youth.

There were 830 delegates in Kansas City and 627 in Phoenix.

Overall attendance was similar with 4,667 total individuals at Kansas City and 4,791 at Phoenix.
Glen Guyton
Glen Guyton

Glen Guyton, chief operating officer for Mennonite Church USA, reported the final numbers on July 7.

As reported earlier, attendance was slightly down at Kansas City 2015 for several reasons: Mennonite World Conference being held in Harrisburg, Pa., July 21-26, heaviness of conversations planned for LGBTQ and sexual abuse issues, competing summer events and cost.

The next convention is scheduled tentatively for July 4-8, 2017, in Orlando, Fla. “We may change the start or end based on survey data,” said Guyton.

“I am hopeful Orlando will be an exciting destination and build upon the positive aspects of KC2015,” said Guyton. “We are going to budget and plan space for around 4,200 people.

There will be a new model at Orlando 2017: It will be one day shorter, for starters.

“We want an event that meets the needs of the next generation of Mennonites,” said Guyton. “Ideally, we want convention to be more affordable, more focused and more engaged with the local community.

The first planning meeting takes place in August, and convention-planning staff members hope to present a new model to the Executive Board soon after that.

KC2015 attendance report:
Adult: 1853
Junior Youth: 114
Youth and youth sponsors: 2371
Children: 143
Volunteers: 186
Total: 4,667 (total for Phoenix was 4,791)

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